Blueprint JD Roundup: Top December Posts

Blueprint JD's monthly roundup series features the 5 most popular posts each month.

Below are our five most popular posts from December 2012.

3 TED Videos That Help You (Re)Discover Your Passion for Law

At one point or another, attorneys were inspired to go to law school. While that inspiration may get lost amid all of the deadlines and paperwork, these videos from “Ideas Worth Sharing” nonprofit TED help you reconnect with your love of law. It took 24 hours for this to become our most popular post of December. Watch and learn why.

10 Law School Exam Do’s and Don’ts for 1Ls

In this simple 10-step guide, Mel Hightower provides insight into managing your time and stress as you study for your first law school exams. The bottom line: know yourself, know what your professor wants, and know that your classmates are trying to psyche you out.

Want to Find the Right Legal Career Path? Start with Your Talents.

Mel employs the help of Gallup (hopefully better at this than they were at Presidential polling) to help you realize your passions and strengths in life and figure out ways to make money doing what you love. The bottom line: honestly examine yourself, let Gallup correct or support that self-examination, digest the new information you’ve learned, and get to work on a career that isn’t going to make you want to pull your hair out at the end of every day.

My Bar Prep Kick Off and Pity Party.

Mel shared that she will be relocating to the west coast and will sadly have to succumb to another state bar exam. (The Horror! No Seriously…) No worries though, because she let’s you in on her secrets to successful studying and time management as she prepares for California’s 3-day bar exam and continues to work. If you’re going through the same experience, you won’t want to miss this weekly series.

Law School Crisis Coverage

The Blueprint JD Staff discusses the rumblings that law school simply isn’t worth it anymore. Before coming to your own conclusion, check out this piece to hear both sides of the issue. Whether you’re thinking about law school, a law student, or a recent grad, we recommend this post  to help you understand the current challenges facing the legal profession.

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