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Need help putting together a legal resume? Our resume template makes your law student job search a little easier. 

As we noted in our 8 Tips for a Top Notch Legal Resume post, formatting matters.  Your resume should capture the reader’s attention and be easy to scan. Unfortunately, perfecting your resume’s layout – spacing, font and placement – takes an inordinate amount of time.  Time that is better spent developing captivating resume content.   

Our resume template takes care of your formatting woes so that you can focus on preparing engaging, accurate descriptions of your experience.  We have one version for students who went straight from undergrad to law school, and who may not have a ton of work experience. We’ve also included another version for nontraditional students with more work experience and possibly another graduate degree.  Just subscribe below to download them both.

Our legal resume template:

  • Prioritizes what is important to recruiters.  The most important information should appear at the top of your resume.  As a law student, you have little substantive legal experience.   Your education matters the most and should be prominently featured in your resume. 
  • Is kind to tired eyes.  We use larger font, white space and bullets to increase resume readability.  This isn’t the time shrink the font and cram all your experience on the page.  Your resume should be tailored, and include only those experiences most relevant to your prospective employer.
  • Avoids key industry faux pas.  Unlike the creative industry, legal employers expect an old-fashioned, black-and-white resume.  Pinpointing your skills and objective in a professional summary at the top of your resume is likewise not standard practice for entry-level legal jobs.
  • Is easy to adjust.  Our table layout gives you the flexibility to easily add or remove rows in order to better display your content.   If you have less experience, increase the white space on your resume by adjusting the row height.  Please note that the helpful table gridlines you see onscreen do not print.

So get a head start on your job search by subscribing to our newsletter below and downloading our legal resume template.  

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Resume Template for Students that went Straight Through

Resume Template for Nontraditional Students

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