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law school crisis

Becoming a lawyer is not for the fainthearted.  From the LSAT to the Bar Exam, you can count on stress like clockwork. It’s supposed to all be worth it in the end – you trade short-term high blood pressure for the long-term stability of a making a comfortable living practicing law.  But recent law grads’ mounting debt and employment woes 1 suggest that they may have been sold a bag of goods.  Here’s the latest on the law school crisis.

  • Should legal education change?  With law school admissions and enrollments on the decline, some are wondering whether it is time for law schools to revisit their tuitions and course content.  CNN/Fortune 
  • Still on the law school reform track, the case builds for eliminating the third-year of law school.  Susannah Moran and Joe Palazzolo discuss the whimsical classes that 3Ls take.  Wall Street Journal
  • The calls for reform are not limited to law school. Fordham and Harvard Law grads discuss legal profession’s unnerving focus on pedigree in lieu of actual talent.  Above the Law
  • Some are heading the call for change.  NYU has changed its 3L program and there is a new sheriff in town at St. Louis University.  Business Insider
  • Then there are others who are still in hustle-mode. Dean Lawrence Mitchell argues that law school is still a great choice for everyone.  New York Times
  • Dean Lawrence’s unabashed enthusiasm in the face of sobering financial realities seems a bit like Lehman Brothers before the collapse.  Prof. Paul Campos helps the uninitiated translate the self-interested doubletalk.  Salon

Want to learn more? Prof. Brian Tamanaha explores how we got into this mess in his recently published book, Failing Law Schools. If you’re still interested in law school, Prof. Campos helps you understand the lay of the land in his recently published work, Don’t Go to Law School (Unless): A Law Professor’s Inside Guide to Maximizing Opportunity and Minimizing Risk.


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