National Latino Law Students Association, Inc.


Official Name: National Latino Law Students Association, Inc.

Year Founded: 1997

Leader: Cristal L. Cabrera, Indiana University Roberyt H. McKinney School of Law




NLLSA is a 501(c)(3) organization serving as a conduit for Latina/o law student voices. Founded on principles of social, ethnic, racial, gender and sexual equality, NLLSA is focused on advancing Latina/o academic success and commitment to community service. NLLSA is fueled by a progressive coalition-building approach to addressing the legal issues affecting Latinas/os around the nation.

NLLSA is every Latina/o law student’s connection to the larger Latina/o legal community. We strive to be the leading center for student resources, dialogue and action. NLLSA is committed to encouraging student-led encuentros, conferences, and other community-strengthening gatherings. We aspire to inform, excite and empower generations of Latina/o law students so that they may be responsive to the legal needs of the communities that surround them.

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