National Native American Students Association, Inc.


Official Name: National Native American Students Association, Inc.

Year Founded: 1970

Leader: Precious Benally, Columbia Law School

Website: http://nationalnalsa.org/

Email: nnalsa.publicrelations@gmail.com


The National Native American Law Students Association was founded in 1970 to promote the study of Federal Indian Law, Tribal Law and traditional forms of governance, and to support Native Americans in law school. We strive to reach out to Native communities and encourage Native People to pursue legal education. We also strive to educate the legal community about Native issues.

Our assistance to Native American law students, includes:

  • educational opportunities such as curriculum development, tutorial programs and research projects;
  • scholarships for law students who plan to practice law in Native American communities; and
  • forums for the discussion of law that affects Native Americans through our annual legal writing and national moot court competition.

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